October 10, 2008

following through

in an effort to do what i said i was gonna do, i'll finally be publishing the drafted entries that i never got around to finishing and posting. i'm actually gonna go ahead and backlog them to their proper spots, just to keep this little blog of mine nice and neat and somewhat orderly. but i'll post the quicklink so you don't have to go digging through the archives. cool?

in no particular order..........

the vma recap. hahaha! damn, hella old!
original intended post date: september8, 2008
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the fall 2008 tv recap - what i'll be watching
original intended post date: some time in late aug/early sept before all the season premieres
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#1 tunes on my bday. damn this post is even older than the vma post!
original intended post date: july 12, 2008
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another oldie but goodie. this was pre-vma. a dance vid post.
original intended post date: september 5, 2008
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and there you have it! i'm up to date!!! no other drafts on my list! so what's to come? you'll just have to keep coming back to see!


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