September 8, 2008

vma 2008

so britney never performed last night. she opened, as promised. but no performance. such a bummer! but this really set the tone of the evening don't you think? lots of hype but nothing to back it up. compared to last year's show, this was super tame, mellow. but overall a little forgettable. yeah we got a brash brit to host, yeah he picked on the jo bros and virgins all around the world, but seriously, not much envelope pushing for the most part. the only lol moment from brand came when he joked about chapstick on the privates in reference to katy perry's song! anyway, not its most memorable, but this awards show will always go through its peaks and valleys.

but let's move on. in no particular order below, i give you the random musings of a faithful, but disappointed, vma viewer......

- winner of the evening: brit. long overdue wins. congrats girl! she looked great and seems to be on the right track. but did anyone else feel like she was a tad robotic in her speeches? like they were pre-written and fed by larry rudolph? i mean yeah, they probably were, but damn, she could've been a little less obvious. but i can't hate for too long. i much prefer late '08 brit vs. last year's jacked up version.
- LOVED katy perry's performances. who would've expected that from her? i sure as hell didn't. and i hate to say it but i think her little tune is finally growing on me.
- LOVED seeing AM and travis together like that on the side stage! last year ronson. this year AM. aoki in 2009!!!!!!! come on mtv, make it happen!
- lil wayne/t-pain performance - i hate admitting this but i really liked their energy on stage and enjoyed their performance. but again i just have to ask, someone please explain the physics behind lil wayne's pants staying up like that! they sag so low - i just don't get how they float around his ass like that without ever dropping to his ankles!
- rihanna's opening performance sucked! sorry yall but she just doesn't do it for me on stage. not in the least bit. no energy. she can't dance very well (i mean she does okay but not spectacular). sorry girl, it was nothing compared to your cameo umbrella performance during chris brown's show last year.
- TI was totally lip synching. rappers do that? his whole opening sequence going around town with his gal was weak and corny as hell. that ain't the TI i know and love. give me the rough n tough guns a blazin TI any day!
- christina aguilera is the new lady gaga! loves it! genie in a bottle remix? LOVES IT! new single? LOVES IT! i swear, christina can do no wrong musically. except yeah she was lip synching too, but i'll let that slide only because she was dancing and i love her new tune. :-)
- there wasn't a single outfit last night that stood out and burned up the red carpet. loved the idea behind katy perry's vintage inspired pinup girl look, but something about it was still off and not quite right. there was a lot of glitz and sparkle on all the short dresses of the young'uns, but nothing original and fabulous. kinda like the state of the music industry today! haha!
- so who else was majorly disappointed that fanny pak 1) didn't get to perform on the big stage, just on the pre show stage 2) didn't even get to present the award, they just stood there and 3) got outstaged by la lohan!
- tokio hotel? really? i didn't know bjork had a grown ass son.
- bring back chris rock for '09!!!

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reegsta said...

in retrospect i agree with everything u said. and pants stay up to ummm...his package i guess lol. and i didn't noticed TI LSing...a big no-no for rappers!