August 28, 2008

fall tv recap

currently watching: grey's anatomy (repeat episode)

it's the episode with the patient lady who met a guy while on a cruise but no one believes her because they think she made him up and that it was just a symptom of her brain tumor that meredith and derek are about to operate on. but turns out that prince charming from the cruise actually exists but he gets to the hospital too late, after she had already gone into surgery, after she had just slipped into a coma that she'd never wake up from. damn i was balling at the end of this!!!!! those grey's anatomy writers get my every single time! can't wait for the new season to start!

oh hey look, a perfect segue into my fall tv guide! haha!

ok, here's the run down of all things tv. well, not all things. just the shows that i plan to tune in to. as often as i can. there are a ton of shows on my radar and i won't be able to catch them all, but maybe you will and can tell me all about it! :-)

Desperate Housewives - 9/26 - 9pm - i stopped watching the last season because the story lines have gotten a little too crazy, but the new season flashes forward 5 years so it's almost like a fresh start. i just may start watching again.
Brothers & Sisters - 9/26 - 10pm - i've always liked this show. stopped watching around the time of the writer's strike and just never got back into it again, especially since i stopped watching desp housewives beforehand. but i'll always love the walker fam and seeing them squabble like my own family.
I Love Money - in season - 9pm - LOVE this show! just can't go wrong with the formula of crazy attention starved people + competition + money. love the stallionaires. and love me some whiteboy!

Gossip Girl - 9/1 - 8pm - i am loving every second of this season! s, queen b, lonelyboy, motherchucker, a dutchess, a duke, little j, tinsley mortimer. seriously! and don't even get me started on all the fashion going on. these stylists need to get an award!
One Tree Hill - 9/1 - 9pm - i stopped watching for a full season (or two) but i'm fully sucked back in to the little world of tree hill, nc. the crazy ex nanny storyline has been off the wall with its suspense like feel but still very entertaining. and nathan and haley's little boy is just the cutest little kid in the world!! plus there's lucas and he FINALLY picked peyton. after all these years of going back and forth they're finally together.
Prison Break - 9/1 - 9pm - love me some wentworth miller but i'm just so behind on this show! check this out, i went to costco one day and decided to buy the season 2 dvd thinking i can catch up real fast before the new season begins. then i see a commercial and it's all, tune in to season 4! damn, my bad! missed an entire season in there!
Heroes - 9/22 - 9pm - similar situation as brothers and sisters - stopped watching around the time of the writer's strike and just didn't get back into to. but i do love this show. and milo ventimiglia. haha! are you seeing a recurring pattern here?
The Rachel Zoe Project - 9/8 - 10pm - it's rachel zoe. enough said. fab fashion every episode. plus she looks like a hot crazy mess.
The Hills - in season - loved the tammy fae moment by lc with the black tears streaming down her face. classic! my love/hate relationship with this show continues. the drama's forced, speidi may as well be issued an actor's guild card because there is nothing genuine about their contrived storylines. and i'm getting really distracted by heidi's face. enough with the plastic surgery!

90210 - 9/2 - 8pm - see previous posts. i write about this show too much!
Making the Band - in season - 9pm - so far so good. nothing major to report except that willie is HOT!!! don't know how i missed that the previous season!
Paris Hilton's my New BFF - 9/30 - 10pm - i'm all about this show. bitches! paris is so vapid and ridiculous but has zero shame about it which is why i cannot stop watching her every move! the concept of the show is so absurd but viewers will still tune in. because she is paris hilton and she rules the world. game on bitches. gotta love it.

Stylista - 10/22 - 9pm - the concept is it's the devil wears prada.....and runs elle magazine. it's the reality show version of the movie and a bunch of fashion climbers compete to become assistant to anne slowly, editor for elle. slowly is your poor woman's anna wintour, really. haha!
Lipstick - 9/24 - 10pm - another fashion-oriented show (are we picking up on another trend here?), but this time it's a scripted drama. two words: robert buckley. one more word: shirtless. me? sighing and glued to my tv screen every wed at 10.

Ugly Betty - 9/25 - 8pm - should be another entertaining season, but i want less betty and more marc and amanda!!!
Grey's Anatomy - 9/25 - 9pm - nothing to say except that this is my favorite drama on the air at this current moment. no one else can touch this show. if it's thur at 9, don't bother me! haha!!
The Office - 9/25 - 9pm - only saw a couple of episodes last season, but this is a show you can kinda come in and out of because it's just fuckin hysterical regardless.
Kath & Kim - 10/9 - 8:30pm - looks promising but hoping it's as funny as it looks. actually i should say as funny as they look. have you seen some of these outfits? yowza.
Glam God - in season - 10pm - love this show! some of the stuff these stylists come up with are simply brilliant. and for there to be a loco hawaiian boy calling one of the girls haimakaka is enough of a reason to tune in every week!!

got enough to watch? now go rot your brains!

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