October 9, 2008

song of the day

Youre Not Gonna Bring Me Down Today - Danity Kane

in honor of the group that once was, danity kane. 

i don't fully understand what's going on with these gals after catching the tail end of this past week's episode. is aubrey still in or out? she has been photographed solo around town quite a bit these days. wearing some fugly ass outfits, but that's beside the point. then there's the whole dawn is the future of bad boy rumors. i admittedly have not been watching most of this season, but that's just because i'm sick of seeing diddy's face all over television, not because i don't like these two groups (donnie, sorry you're still on the fence)

anyway, i can't quite remember what made me think of this song the other day but it continues to be one of my favorites to ever come out of this group. while yes, it really was just a vocal training exercise from their pre-danity days, it's still a great little moment, a great little tune, that's always been a highlight from the mtb series.

check out the vid clip from mtb here too. look how young they all look!

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