January 18, 2011


after completing my fitness assessment and setting my goals, here's what i can look forward to:

short term goal:
time frame: 11 weeks
start date: january 18, 2011
goal: lose 21 lbs by april 5, 2011

long term goal:
time frame: 32 weeks (which includes the 11 weeks from above)
start date: same as above - january 18, 2011
goal: lose 60 lbs total by august 30, 2011

given my height, my weight range should be between 118 to 136 lbs. i haven't been 118 since my freshman and sophomore years of college. when i was practicing lacrosse 2-3 hours a day, 5 days a week, plus games, for most of the year. i'm targeting a range of 125-136 lbs. more realistic and i'm not pressuring myself as much to get to my high school/early college weight.

so that's the challenge. i'm more focused on the short term goal, of course. i can't be stressing myself out with that long term goal and the intimidating 60 lbs number. one day at a time here, people. (i feel like i'm an alcoholic when i say stuff like that)

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