January 18, 2011

move it and lose it

so earlier today i signed up for this online weight loss program.

i've been meaning to hit the gym. for the last month i've been saying that. and like always, i keep putting it off. tomorrow. no really tomorrow. no seriously, tomorrow. next thing i know a month has flown by. procrastination. it's probably one of my worst traits.

anyway, i was catching up on late night with jimmy fallon on my dvr (i have expressed how much i love jimmy fallon right? i love everything about his show. but i'll have to save my "20 reasons why i love late night w/ jimmy fallon" post for another time). doctor oz was on the show as a guest and he was talking about this new weight loss program he developed. it's january. new year's resolutions. makes sense. so a few key words stuck out during the interview while describing his "move it and lose it in 2011" program:

11 weeks (do-able time frame)
nike sparq training (nike developed this great training program years ago for athletes at all levels. great stuff. and well since i'm a nike whore, their involvement with the doc's program definitely upped its cool factor)
FREE (ding ding ding, we have a winner)

the free aspect is always a little sketchy, but i decided to sign up anyway. and so far, yes, everything is free and managed online.

they set up the site so it mimics facebook. you've got your own profile page, you can upload your picture, there's that familiar newsfeed scroll, and you can link up w/ friends. they auto add the pros that work on the program to your friends list - the doc himself, nike's sparq trainers, nutritionists, sports psychologists, you name it. after reading all their bios, i was actually really impressed by the variety of industry professionals they decided to include in this program.

like other programs, you gotta log in your food and exercise daily. yes this can get tedious, but the instant analysis you get which shows how you progressed that day toward your goal is worth it.

so why this? why now?
1) because i need to lose weight. i've been at a really unhealthy weight for a while now, but i've actually been lucky and fortunate enough to not have any major health problems arise because of my weight (knock on wood). but i'm on that edge. my doctor even warned me about this. lose the weight or start taking meds to keep your cholesterol down. yikes. i refuse to be a pill popper, so LET'S DO THIS!
2) because i have the time. one of the perks of unemployment, i guess. :)
and 3) because i'm gong to be coaching again soon and what kind of example and coach would i be if i'm not even active? if i'm going to be yelling at these kids to run a mile, i better be able to do the same.

so there you have it. it's going to be hard work. i know it. but i have to do it.

wish me luck.

oh and here's the nike ad from when they first launched their sparq training program. and yes that's my man landon donovan in there runnin some ladders. :)

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