February 10, 2009


and here's the second set of 25 that i just posted onto facebook today!  

these are a little longer and more story-based/confession-based. hopefully somewhat entertaining. i was actually entertained while writing this and thinking back on some of these fond memories.

woo!  aren't you proud of all these posts today!  my 4 goals from sunday are still within reach as we get to the almost half way point of the week. and this shall be my last post of the night as i log off my computer and crack open breaking dawn.  :-)

1- i'm semi deaf in my left ear.
2- i can't parallel park.
3- in a high school lacrosse game i accidentally hit a girl from the other team in the face with my stick and she had to leave the game to get stitches. we ended up going to the same college and becoming friends. but she told me she hated me after that game because she had to get 5 stitches by her eyebrow and had prom that same weekend! my bad!
4- on the plus side i did score my very first goal during that same game! haha!
5- 2 reasons i decided to play lacrosse in high school: 1) because i didn't make the volleyball team and desperately wanted to play another sport. 2) to share the field with the hottie boys lax team.
6- coaching resume: elementary school volleyball, high school lacrosse, college club lacrosse.
7- i hated living in south city when i was growing up because it felt so far away from school and all my friends lived nearby. i wanted to live in the sunset and i was so bitter at my family for moving us out of the area when i was a baby.
8- i wanted to be a cheerleader in 8th grade but i was too chicken to audition.
9- i wanted to be on the dance and drill team in high school, but again, i was too chicken to audition.
10- my mom forced me take piano lessons when i was a kid but i hated the pressure of recitals. so i pretended to mess up badly during one recital then pretended to be all traumatized from the experience and she never made me take another lesson.
11- i now regret not continuing piano lessons because it would be nice to know how to play an instrument. should've just listened to my mom!
12- i won the religion award during my junior year of high school. funny thing is i totally cheated my way through religion class that year. that's like a triple sin!
13- i also cheated my way through geometry sophomore year. thanks jeff!
14- i don't understand tagalog. and i totally blame my brother for it. my mom told me she and my dad stopped speaking it so much when i was younger because they wanted to make sure my brother fit in okay at school (he's 6 years older) so they'd speak to him and me in english instead.
15- tv shows i could just watch over and over again - growing pains and saved by the bell
16- i still buy cd's regularly and from various sources. yes, even bmg sometimes!! haha!
17- i currently have 3,034 songs in my itunes library. but i've gone through 2 computers, both of which had extensive libraries of their own, both of which crashed on me. and i lost thousands of great songs. so i've never felt that the # in my collection today is accurate and a true reflection of my music library because i still can't let those other ones go!
18- i didn't go to my first concert until the summer after i graduated high school. warped tour at pier 30/32. highlights: less than jake, alkaholiks, mighty mighty bosstones, and sugar ray (was obsessed with mark mcgrath back in those days! man!).
19- injuries to date, from head to toe: concussion, black eye, dislocated shoulder, sprained thumb, lower back sprain, knee sprain, ankle sprains. thankfully no broken bones ever, knock on wood.
20- the dislocated shoulder happened when i was 3 or 4 and i was playing in the park at a family party. i didn't want to go yet and my dad was pulling my hand for me to leave, but i was pulling back towards the playground so hard that i popped my own arm right out of the socket! luckily when my dad let go of my hand, it popped right back in. i was running on so much adrenaline that i guess the pain never registered and i didn't cry. my dad still didn't let me stay and play though.
21- my mom loves jewelry stores and named me after the tiffany & co store. if my dad got his way my name would actually be grace. thankfully my mom won that battle, so grace became my middle name.
22- my first job was the summer after high school, i worked as an admin/secretary at blue shield. same company as my mom, different department. there was no internet to surf back then, so i'd spend my slow days doodling, daydreaming, and journaling.
23- i worked at the wherehouse the following summer. that's when i really started to build my cd collection. thanks to all those used cd's that came through.
24- one of my great pleasures in life is perusing the aisles of amoeba on haight street.
25- another great pleasure: a good magazine and an english breakfast latte from coffee bean and tea leaf.

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