February 10, 2009


le reegsta totally beat me to the punch in transferring the "25 random things" notes from facebook onto our respective blogs.

so here's mine.

the first 25.

1. i've been tagged by 3 people on this note thing.
2. i'm obsessed with my little nephew who learns so many new things every single day.
3. i'm a magazine addict, but i'm now subscribed to too many magazines and they're all starting to pile up in my house.
4. i wish i lived in the city.
5. i wish i could afford to live in the city.
6. i'm behind in watching new episodes of mtv's the city. :-)
7. ppq's garlic noodles are the best!
8. i'm the only one i know who's still really good friends with people from her pre-school/kindergarten days.
9. i'm the only one i know who's still really good friends with her freshman year college dorm roommate (and honorary roommate!).
10. i snore when i'm sleeping on my back.
11. apparently my eyelids don't fully close when i'm asleep, so i've been told.
12. i hate horror movies. not the cheesy ones from the 80's that were all gorey. but the ones with spirits/ghosts/scary kids/haunted houses/creepy music.
13. i'm also terrified of spiders.
14. i almost went to mercy sf instead of si.
15. i almost went to uc san diego instead of uc davis.
16. lacrosse was the reason i went to uc davis.
17. i blog.
18. i have a ridiculous handbag addiciton.
19. my dog had 6 puppies a year and a half ago. i kept 1 and the other 5 went to family and family friends. i miss those little guys when they were like 2 months old!
20. song currently playing on my itunes: katy perry's "hot n cold" (yelle remix)
21. cd currently in my car stereo: ne-yo's year of the gentleman
22. i know a lot of guys - family and friends - who LOVE ne-yo's music. it's totally fascinating and mind boggling.
23. my closest friends and i are all turning 30 this year! crazy!
24. i'm planning on going skydiving for my 30th birthday, which isn't for another six months, so hopefully i won't change my mind!.
25. cities on my radar to visit this year: toronto, new york, and somewhere new in hawaii that i haven't been to before.

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