February 12, 2009

christina - keeps gettin better......

it's 11:30 pm and i was planning on hitting the sheets.
i had no intention of blogging.
that was until i decided to check out perez's site and read the following music blip:


i hope this is all true because that would make for an amazing lineup of tracks on her next album. read more here.

the ladytron collabo should come at no surprise seeing as how christina delved into a little electro/dance/pop on her greatest hits album, first with "keeps gettin better" and then with her remix of "genie in a bottle." but the sia collabo is just as exciting.  sia's writing and arranging combined with christina's vocals? forget it!  just imagine christina aguilera singing this song -

i just got chills.  can't wait to hear these tracks. and hopefully perez will post them on his site!

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