December 31, 2008

Tiff's Tunes for 2008.

my turn!

and i bet you didn't think i'd get this done in time! sorry i'm not gonna get a chance to get all multimedia on ya like rols and s did on their submissions.  i'll just keep it simple yet descriptive and nostalgic, like le reegsta.

by the way, there's a chance there will be a part deux to this, just because there's always a lot to talk about when it comes to music (see my 30+ "music is my bf" tagged posts of the last 6 months). i've probably left out a song/artist or two in my haste to meet our pre-2009 deadline. so bear with me and stay tuned.

enough jibber jabber, let's jump right in it!

heavy rotation
my top albums of the year, in no particular order. these were on constant rotation on my itunes and in my car. too bad my car stereo wasn't connected somehow to my itunes to provide a more accurate play count of these.

katy perry - one of the boys.  
a surprisingly terrific pop album from someone i initially thought would just be a one hit wonder who liked to kiss girls. definitely a fresh, original voice to be reckoned with in the pop world (although she's still no match performance wise to our dear brit)

t.i. - paper trail
should be no surprise here. we got a bit of everything on this album. couple of radio hits, some harder tracks, some that make you go hmmm, lots of collabo's. and of course t.i.'s raw, nitty gritty ATL hotness all over the place. :-) noteworthy tracks will be included in the singles section, so patience.

adele - 19 
technically i think this may have originally been released in the UK in late '07, but really it wasn't available to us americans until early '08. so still counts, yeah?  and like rols mentioned, the mix tape is a definite must listen.  adele just has a way of grabbing you with her voice, pulling you into her story and making you feel all the pain, heartache, love, happiness and everything in between with each song. listen to: hometown glory, make you feel my love, melt my heart to stone.

ne-yo - year of the gentleman
smoothest voice out of the artists on this list. also may be one of the best writers as he just has a knack for finding the right words to fit all his melodic hooks. it's no wonder everyone in the game goes to him to help take their song to the next level. a dash of ne-yo and hello radio time!
noteworthy tracks: so you can cry, mad, part of the list

santogold - santogold
i know i said i wouldn't rank these albums, but this is probably in my top 3 of the year. insanely infectious hook after hook after hook. a voice like no other. it's hard to classify what genre she falls in to, kind of the same way m.i.a. stands between genres, but that's precisely the appeal. first song i ever heard from her was "l.e.s. artistes" over on and i can't fully describe how blown away i was by her style and versatility. other notables: shove it (w/ spank rock!! yes!), lights out, you'll find a way.

rihanna - good girl gone bad reloaded
this like half counts just because her album was originally released in mid-2007. but then when she re-released it in '08, she added a whole slew of other tracks, all of which became radio staples. when your re-release allows you to dish out a hit top 40 song every few months, i think you deserve some kudos, even if they're just halfsies.  

vampire weekend - vampire weekend
duffy - rockferry
technically i don't own physical copies of these albums. these i listen to frequently online. i know it doesn't really matter how you listen to your fave albums of the year, but i do feel guilty not owning these in some shape or form considering i listen to them so much. 
anyways, duffy. does anyone else find it interesting that some of the most soulful singers to come out in the last few years are a couple of white chicks from the UK? first adele, then duffy. actually, make that first joss stone, then amy winehouse then adele and then duffy. it's a trip. 
vampire weekend. i don't even know how to classify these guys or who to compare to. white stripes, but peppier? they're just a really upbeat little band with a knack for keeping your toes tappin along to their songs.

okay so this turned out to be much longer than i had expected. :-)  will hit ya again in a little bit with my list of top singles, along with some other stellar standouts of the year.


reegsta said...

damn look at that time posted. seemed like a late night cramming session for us hahaha.

tiffanyblue said...

LOL! yes, but i was also working on some projects for work last night too. but of course this was much higher priority!