December 31, 2008

Tiff's Tunes for 2008, Take Two

top singles
there was just no getting around these tracks this past year. wherever you went, they followed. again, in no particular order........

after tonight - justin nozuka
best singer songwriter with the most potential to be the next j-mraz

superstar - lupe fiasco/mattew santos
one of the most undeniable hooks of the year. lupe's the cool album actually gets honorable mention in the top albums category too

when you look me in the eyes - jonas brothers
best teen pop slow jam. go jonas!

bounce - mstrkrft/nore
BEST hip hop electro song of the year, possibly ever

leavin - jesse mccartney
best pure pop single of '08 by a male artist, hands down

damaged - danity kane
best female pop group single. also the best to ever come from this group, and probably the last.

whatever you like - t.i.
song and video most often fantasized about by yours truly :-)

swagga like us - t.i./kanye/jay-z/lil wayne
we get the best of multiple worlds on this one. a looped m.i.a. sample plus a bunch of hip hop heavyweight guest drops

when i grow up - pussycat dolls
a close second behind danity for best single from a female pop group. i really didn't think they'd come out with another hit as strong as "don't ya", but they proved me wrong

disturbia - rihanna
gothy r&b top 40 pop - who knew such a combination could exist, but she makes it work!

lollipop remix - lil wayne/kanye
weezy can thank kanye's contribution to the song - only reason this makes the list

everyone nose - nerd
winner of catchiest one-liner of the year. all the girls standing in the line for the bathroom!

bleeding love - leona lewis / i'm yours - jason mraz
top lovey dovey songs of the year

i kissed a girl - katy perry
katy perry also wins the prestigious way to not be a kitschy one hit wonder award!

low - flo-rida / forever - chris brown / just dance - lady gaga
all tied for best dance-it-out-at-a-club song

creator - santogold / shut up and let me go - ting tings / a-punk - vampire weekend
all tied for songs you'll most likely hear while shopping at urban outfitters and ask the store clerk who it is

american boy - estelle/kanye
winner of the you'll hear this song at least once in your day, somehow, somewhere for another 6 months award

single - nkotb/ne-yo
other nods: winner of best comeback/reunion tour EVER in the whole wide world (well, until nsync de-thrones them)! and joey wins hottest former teen idol of the 80's hottie of all hotties. and their tour also wins for best way to lose your voice and your hearing all in one night

additional categories/winners for your consideration

tha carter III - lil wayne
i don't own this and i haven't listened to it all the way through, but it's hard not to recognize this album because he blew up outta control this year

yelle - pop up
album originally released in late '07 but didn't get recognition until '08, mostly due to their selection by mtv as artist of the month. also my pick for international fave and best electro pop album

jonas brothers - a little bit longer
unstoppable teen pop sensation award. miley finished a close second. sorry taylor swift, but you betrayed a jonas with all your post-break up shit talking and that doesn't fly in my book.

"sour cherry" - the kills
best single for a tv show - for gossip girl and their fantastic omfg promo's to hype up season 2.

"rehab" - rihanna
best unneccessary use of justin timberlake's voice on a track. but we thank you anyway. for the video mostly.

wow, this was longer than i expected too! ok, i think that covers everything. for now. until i go sit on a plane later today and realize i forgot a track. i'm throwing around the idea of a best in music videos post but that would require lots of youtube video watching, which i've been doing too much of lately thanks to our fave you-know-what books. :-) still up in the air, but you'll be the first to know if i get something in the works!

happy 2009 my dear friends! i'm off to vegas for a couple of days with the fam to celebrate my mom's 65th. no, she's not throwing a rager at pure (although she would win the best mom EVER award if she did that! haha!). we'll be off shopping, fine dining and taking in a couple of shows. and yes, little j is coming along too. hmm, wonder if i can sneak him into tao..........

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rolsuno said...

VAMPIRE WEEKEND is the shit!!! I have to thank louise aka weezy for putting me on..