December 30, 2008

more love for the city

phewww, so i'm not the only one who's totally diggin mtv's the city!!

check out this great recap from the gals at nymag's the cut. so dead on with their synopsis, it's like they probed my little brain as i watched the show!

best excerpts: 
"Whitney invites Jay, but he doesn't want to go because he doesn't like Olivia and her friends. Oh the uptown-downtown divide! Which will Whitney choose?! Her neatly pinned side braids say uptown, but her inner slut says downtown. We hope she chooses downtown and does all those things you're supposed to do when you first move here, like getting falling-down drunk every night, making out with random hotties until you catch a bad virus, and trying cocaine."

"Episode two opens when he invites Whitney to lunch, at which he wears the most obnoxious headgear fake hipsters ever discovered: a straw fisherman's hat. He tells her Jay is hooking up with his roommate's best friend, whom he used to date. Or something. We were distracted by his heinous hat and couldn't focus on the nonsense coming out of his mouth."

could not have said it better myself! brilliant!

also, do check out the fug girls' blog (no really, that's the name of these bloggers for ny mag, i wasn't referring to a girl from the show that i'm just calling fug!). anyway, they too are consumed by the show and even go on to dissect every last bit of the show's trailer.

okay fine, how about one more little read before you go. boy, ny mag hearts the city about as much as i do! here's their (unusually long) feature story on the show.

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