December 31, 2008

a quick follow up note before i go......

i *heart* my blogging friends. actually i do *heart* all my friends, but at this particular moment the love goes out to my fellow music-loving blogstars - reeg, rols, and sb. fantastic posts my friends. i hope this isn't the last of our "homework assignments" because this was just good fun.

i love that we all have different tastes in music, but interestingly enough there were also some cross overs between our picks.

rols - thanks for reminding me about ryan leslie! that guy keeps falling off my radar. need to download more of his tracks.

reeg and rols - thanks for the heads up on the hip hop remixes out there. this is always the one avenue i don't get exposed to as often as i'd like. although maybe that's a good thing. one can only listen to and search out and discover so much music in a given day. i'm so downloading that t-pain/justin song when i get home! now that's a much better use of justin's vocals on a track.

reeg - will need to check out kidz in the hall, especially now that it's been given your coveted hip hop album of the year award.

sb - props on your nods out to twilight AND the hills. loves it! must listen to coldplay's album as you and reeg seem to have differing opinions on the disc!

okay seriously, now i'm walking out the door of the blogosphere.

see you in '09!

1 comment:

reegsta said...

let me paraphrase: the coldplay is solid, but i have to be in a certain state of mind to listen to it. or maybe i just liked X&Y and their other stuff a lot.

awww thx for the love! haha