December 29, 2008

run from the hills.....

and into the city!

verdict? 4 outta 5 dvf dresses.

i know, kind of a high rating right? well that's just the preliminary verdict after 2 back to back eps. so far no one's annoying me, so that'll keep the rating up there. but if speidi somehow weasels their way in here by some wacko bolthouse x dvf function then it's an automatic 3 dress deduction. :-)

in no particular order, here are some of the reasons i shall be tuning in again next week:
- the hotspots and fashion of nyc. each episode's like its own mini where to go to eat, shop, and party guide! haha!
- a dvf fashion show and dresses to die for! wonder if little lc is plotting a way to crash whit's show and get hired on to the fashion house. she does after all like to ride on whit's coattails. hee hee, i'm such a hater.
- the battle between the uptown vs downtown gals for whitney's soul, errrr.......her screen time.
- strangely fascinated by olivia (yes, i too dream of being reincarnated into an uptown ny "social" who throws fabu dinner parties all over town). we'll see if olivia's really a wolf in blair waldorf's clothing. oooh, one can only hope and wish!
- jay as the new justin bobby. just with a much hotter accent.
and finally....
- 2 guys fighting over whitney right off the bat in her second ep! even lc coudn't score that kind of man drama! go whitney!

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