December 30, 2008

l'objet de mon affection

target does it again with another great collabo.

hayden-harnett for target.

solid and printed hobo's for $39.99

canvas flight tote for $49.99

p.s. sale on chloe and lanvin bags on aloha rag! gasp!

p.p.s. since we're on the topic of handbags, how about some tips from the fabsugar gang on back friendly handbags?


sb said...

those bags are SOOOOO you.

i say get the solid in the hobo and the flight tote in the print - tre hawaii chic.

have you caught up on oth yet? i'm waiting! :p


tiffanyblue said...

s - that's totally the combo i was thinking of! haha! and didn't ya read my other post about oth? saving that for the airport/plane ride!

sb said...

for 2009, we should start a handbag trust fund. i need to start saving for my chanel quilted bag. i might just do vintage - it'll give it more character.

tiffanyblue said...

yes! vintage chanel - the only way to go in my opinion. :-)