December 29, 2008

pieces of me

currently watching: gossip girl repeat episode, what else? it's 8:30pm on a monday night, what else would i be doing? :-) yay for new episodes starting next monday!

going to be watching tonight: the city and bromance. just because i'm curious. even though i know whitney can't bring on the dramz quite as well as lc/heidi can fabricate it. and even though bromance wins the douchiest looking tv show ever award. i'm still curious and still gonna tune in.

should be catching up on: one tree hill and grey's. since i'm going to vegas on wed and will be attempting to go standby on the flight before mine so i could travel with my fam, there's a chance i may be a sitting duck at the airport for a while. so i shall be downloading oth onto my mac just in case. also got my beloved twilight book with me, so i'll have plenty of entertainment ammo on hand. sidebar: i wasn't sure at the time i bought my ticket if i'd be able to get out of work early this wed and fly with my fam on the earlier flight, so i took a later one instead. but turns out my boss isn't the devil so i will actually be able to get out at a decent hour this wed! wahoo!

dude, where's my car? i've been running into this recurring problem where i'll forget whether i drove into the city or took bart to work in the morning. so today i left work and i'm waiting at the shuttle stop. right when the shuttle pulled up, i realized that i actually drove to work today. what the hell is wrong with my memory these days! i'm just glad i remembered at that very moment and didn't trek all the way to the daly city station and go wandering around the lot looking for my car. knowing me i probably would have reported it stolen! oh boy, the dangers of getting older. there go my marbles.

speaking of getting older, i've decided to title my 30th bash "my big fat 3-OHHH-shit-there-go-my-twenties" party. not sure what form said party will take just yet. and yeah i know it's not for another 7 (!!) months. but that's what i'll be calling it. so don't nobody steal it! :-)

does anyone remember what my 21st birthday party title was? that was the real inspiration behind the above but i can't even remember! best. house party. ever. even though my mom came home earlier than expected and fully caught me in the middle of taking a shot with the fellas. p.s. i distinctly remember wearing my lacrosse shorts and a jean jacket at the time, thanks to s, who somehow changed me out of the hawaiian sarong i was originally wearing and into that! oh the memories.

also did i ever mention the cotilion idea i had to celebrate the end of my twenties? i didn't have one for my 18th (another house party, but much more tame than the 21st bash) but for a moment i thought it would be HILARIOUS to throw a "my super sweet 30th cotilion ball". hahaha!! can you just imagine! at a hotel ballroom! 30 roses and 30 candles! a big fat cake and a big fat poofy dress to match! oh my. maybe i can even get mtv to film it! LOL.

wow this was the most random post ever!

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reegsta said...

no joke i do the same thing. i'm at bart waiting for my train...quickly realize oh schnapps i parked DT...and take an L when i stick my card back in the same station