January 7, 2009

twilight song of the day

acoustic version of "decode" by paramore

amazing. love the lead singer's voice on this. i heart acoustic versions of songs.

and of course here's the video to the original, the version with clips from the movie (the band shouldn't have even bothered releasing a version w/o the clips- that's the whole point of watching this music video!).

p.s. i hear the release date for the twilight dvd is march 21st. WOO HOO!!!!!!!! :-)

UPDATE (re: twilight dvd): now there are rumors going around that it won't be until april. but then again i read somewhere that it also might be feb 14 on valentine's day. awww, how perfect!

UPDATE 2: taylor lautner is confirmed to stay on board for "new moon" as jacob. NOOOOOO!!!!!!! michael copon > taylor lautner

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