November 13, 2008

winner winner chicken dinner

in the epic battle between fashion and music, who prevailed? i know you're curious. and the winner is.......

my nephew!! :-)

late entry into the fight. comes in undefeated. and no one - high end designer, celeb dj, or other - gets in the way of my little man!!

his 1st birthday is coming up this saturday and there's still lots of work to be done for the bash. so i'll be spending the rest of tonight running errands, picking up party supplies, and then going to my bro's to help put some things together. such as making t-shirts for my fam with jaron's big smiling face across the front! inspired by none other than mosjefinately's derrrrty thirrrrrty bash a couple months ago!

so, sorry monsieur st. laurent and monsieur AM. another day.

p.s. not that i'll be going to any of these other events, but there's lots going on in the city tonight. in addition to the above, q-tip's also in town tonight and there's a party going on at the juicy store on grant. another music vs. fashion battle! haha! so hopefully one of my faithful readers will be attending just one of the mentioned events of this evening and can report back to me!


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