November 10, 2008

decisions, decisions!

DJ AM vs. YSL.

music vs. fashion.

oh the dilemma!!

so i just got word that AM will be returning to SF for his first Bay Area gig post-accident.
this thursday night.
which is the same night as the YSL public opening gala (the red carpet opening gala for all the san francisco socialites was held on oct 30 - catch a sneak peek of the exhibit via redcarpetsf here).

on one hand i've already seen the ysl exhibit, but the gala still sounds like a fun event and of course i'd love to see the exhibit again (and again and again).
on the other, it's dj am. and everyone knows i love me an AM party! only drawback is that it's a thursday night. and you know it's gonna be a late night because he ain't spinning until midnight at least. so i'll be getting little to no sleep and i've got work the next morning. plus on the night before all this, on wed, i'm going to 94.9's wildjam down in san jo, which is sure to let out at 11ish or even later. oy. why couldn't one of these events be on a friday! that'd be too easy.

what to do!?!!


and to end on a completely different note all together, i'm currently watching the hills (i know, shoot me, but i can't get enough of the heidi humiliation as she grovels for her fake job back). the gals (whit + lc) are "working" a fashion show and these models are CRAZY HOT. like my keyboard is going to short from the drool coming out my mouth kind of hot. DAMN! and ewww to whitney for choosing skeezy justin bobby v. 2.0 instead of hottie nyc model guy. you've lost all credibility with me, whit. we'll just see if i watch your new show!


reegsta said...

get your paris hilton on and go to both. i'd see AM personally though, unless they're giving away YSL belt buckles.

tiffanyblue said...

that'd be hard core. i'd even have to do a paris and change outfits in between events!