November 13, 2008

boyfriend, hubbie, lover, objet de mon him WHATEVER YOU LIKE.....of the day.

you know i'm talkin bout TI.

no not the vegas pirate hotel.

it's the KING, bitches.

* pic courtesy of G.I.

not sure if i've ever blogfessed my love and lust for TI. there's just something about him. makes me stop and go.........DAMN!

he fine as hell. there were moments during his set last night where i stopped singing along because i was so distracted by his hotness that i literally could not formulate any words, let alone sentences, let alone lyrics. stupified by the sexy. haha, sounds like an album title.

TI vs joey mac? TI
TI vs shirtless hottie from lipstick jungle? TI
TI vs any of my other botd's? TI
TI vs justin? TI. well........ok no, i won't go there

dirty dirty thoughts just kept running through my head last night during his set. sorry, was that a little T(m)I? haha

stay tuned for more on wildjam. not that anyone else really mattered that night!


1 comment:

reegsta said...

dude doesn't fill out a wifey-beater quite like myself. lol hahah