November 30, 2008

song of the day, part III, omfg electro edition


mstrkrft remix of jesse mccartney's "leavin"!!  O.M.F.G.

so effin' brilliant!!!!!!!!!! it's been a while since i've found a good electro remix which is why i'm so excited about this!  and of all songs it's "leavin" which is by far one of the better pop songs to come out in the last two years by a male, non-justin, solo artist.

mstrkrft x jesse mccartney
Leavin (MSTRKRFT Remix) - Jesse McCartney

since we're on the electro beat, check out these two remixes of katy perry's "hot n cold" - 

lmfao x katy perry
LMFAO ft Katy Perry - Hot N Cold (Electro Remix) (Dirty) - LMFAO ft Katy Perry

yelle x katy perry
i can't find a standalone player for this remix so go to perez's site here and check it out. 


reegsta said...

ne-yo > jesse

tiffanyblue said...

reeg you're too funny
ne-yo > anyone