December 7, 2008

oops i did it again.
left yall hanging in between my blogging spells. truthfully, work really has been kicking my ass lately.  too many things to do in a short amount of time, too few people to get all the work done. but i won't complain too long about my job. i need to keep reminding myself that i'm lucky to still have a job right now. 
blogging isn't the only thing i'm behind in these days. my twilight reading has slowed over the last week or so (been stuck in the middle of book 3 for far too long), i'm behind on all my tv shows (namely gossip, oth, and grey's). and i've barely broken the ice when it comes to my christmas shopping!  i think i'm still in denial that thanksgiving already passed and christmas is mere weeks away. seriously? i mean, seriously!!! it's already december!!! 
oh i'm also behind in my music purchasing. albums on the radar that have already been released: britney, the killers. coming out this tue which i had ZERO idea about until le reegsta told me on fri night: maroon 5! seriously, how did i miss that one?
ok, time for me to hit the sheets. it's a been a long day today, which i may or may not tell you about soon. i'm not gonna make any promises on when i'll blog next, only because i can't seem to get a good rhythm going! i will tell you this - it involved twilight, roller coasters, hot chocolate and cupcakes, and a delivery of baked goods and lots of laughs.


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