November 26, 2008

still here?


Sorry for the lack of posts. Especially to le reegsta - see #64. haha. Bet y'all thought I ran off with TI. I wish!
Actually I've run off with....Edward. ;-) Obsession du jour = Twilight. Now don't you go rolling your eyes at me. I'm hooked. Completely and utterly hooked to these books. I blame it all on S - you know who you are! (too bad my first name didn't start with B instead of my last - then we'd be S and B, in true gossip girl form! Sorry, totally random tangent!). Anyway, if she hadn't made me take her extra copy of the book, I would've never picked it up myself and deep dived into the wonderful world of Forks, WA and into the arms of the beautiful Edward. Le sigh.....

So I could go on and on and on about this, but let me just stop myself - for now - and catch you up on things. (another random tangent: I like how I seem to think so highly of myself that I feel the need to update people on my ever fabulous life. (that was sarcasm, people. Please don't ever think I could be so self-proclaiming and shallow!). This blog sometimes acts as my own personal journal too, where I can come back to these dates in time and see what shenanigans I was up to. A year from now I'll probably re-read this post and roll my eyes at myself and this whole twilight episode of my life).

So let's see, where did we last leave off? *scrolls down blog and re-reads last post*
Ahhh yes, TI. My how that feels like ages ago. Now I haven't completely replaced TI with Edward (p.s. Edward is one of the main characters of the book, if you couldn't already guess. Or if you've been living under a rock and not seen all the Twilight madness everywhere). It's still a pretty even tie as I have both TI's latest album and one of the twilight books in my car at all times. :-) So wildjam? Another great show by our favorite hip pop radio station. Luda's set brought us back to the college days. Got hyphy during e-40's mini set and danced like a damn fool (his music just does that to you). Spotted too short standing on the sidelines, mere inches away from our seats (props again to G.I. for the great seats!). Realized that akon's solo songs kinda suck but love his guest drops on other people's tracks. And of course, fell in love with TI. :-)

Oh, quick rewind. The weekend before. Rolsuno's bash at Minna. Super fun. Had to make sure I give a little shout out because that was seriously some fun times. Neil Armstrong was in the house and it was a thousand times better than when he spun at poleng. Also spotted the invisible stripes guy in the sea of people that night. Hottie and unofficial botd. :-) Oh and why did I spot a pic of my cousin on their blog from a halloween party! So random.

Anyway, then there was my nephew's 1st birthday bash (who I'll now start referring to as little j. I seem to have opened up the gossip girl can of worms earlier and this just goes along with it!). The party went well and we all had lots of fun but I was so tired afterwards!! Unfortunately had to miss EP's resto reception on the other side of the bay because it was all the same day/night, but you can read all about it here. So Elmo was in the house as our special guest for little j, but ummm.....he was kinda janky. His elmo suit looked all ragged, dirty and beat up. Like elmo's been going through some tough times (the economy must be taking its toll back home on sesame street too I guess. haha). Oh plus my bro spotted elmo smoking in the parking lot before the show. Not in suit, thank god - that would've traumatized the kids! The hall where we held the party was perfect. It's one of the newer buildings in ssf and everything was still brand new. Highly recommend to anyone looking to throw a fam party in the peninsula. Oh and twilight sidenote: with all our family and friends in town, I managed to find 3 more fanatics!! Yay!

So this would actually be a perfect segue into twilight and the movie, but I'll stop myself here. Because this post is already getting long and I feel that a true twilight-dedicated post (errr, make that postS) is in order. And I'll try not to leave you hanging like I did these past few weeks. Sorry about that.

So if I don't get a chance to get back onto blogger before tomorrow, have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


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