October 15, 2008

more LoVe for vuitton

Referring back to my previous post about Sean Connery for LV…...

A big thanks and shout-out to Vuitton faithful (not to mention faithful blog reader!!!) AS for the heads up on LV's new online campaign (via his facebook status! Haha! I've been on facebook a little too much lately). The site gives a little more perspective on where the brand is coming from this Fall/Holiday season - going back to a more iconic, timeless feel. Makes the Sean Connery selection for their print campaign feel a little less random.

As part of their LV/Travel mini site, they've created these amazing city vignettes told through the eyes of modern visionaries. You must must must check out their "San Francisco with Francis Ford Coppola" piece (he paints such a grand, beautiful picture of our beloved city), along with the "Paris Par Catherine Deneuve" vignette. The pictures are just absolutely heartstopping and of course is another source of inspiration to make me want to take up photography (I know some other bloggers out there who've also got the photo bug!! Let's start a club!). Other cities featured include the following -

London by Keith Richards
Moscow by Mikhail Gorbachev
New York by Steffi Graff and Andre Agassi

There's also a "Louis Vuitton Movie" on the site that's a must watch too. I've spent some serious time in front of my laptop over the last few days just watching all these videos over and over again. Just to die for.

Visit the site here


reegsta said...

woohoo a non-NKOTB post! haha jp. i just read a piece about Murikami, that he isn't all that he's cracked up to be!

tiffanyblue said...

hey now, this is like the 3rd non-nkotb post! don't hate just 'cause you missed out! :-)