October 13, 2008

off the wall

song of the day: "off the wall" - michael jackson

Off The Wall - Michael Jackson

i have to play this song in my head every time i'm stressed out during/after/because of work. it's such a great little tune. favorite line: "gotta leave that nine to five up on the shelf, and just enjoy yourself." for real, michael! i'm feelin ya!

i continue to struggle in finding that proper work/life balance. just leave work behind. don't bring it home with you. don't lose sleep over it. i've heard it all! how come everyone else seems to be able to do this but me? i'm totally grateful to first of all, have a job in this crazy economy of ours and to work in an industry that i'm still interested in and passionate about (to a degree. of course i'd leave at the drop of a hat if marc jacobs magically rang me up to go work for him!). but there are times when my job just makes me crazy! i guess you take the good with the bad, right?

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