October 15, 2008


finally decided to check this site out since it's been advertised everywhere. and by everywhere i really mean on perezhilton and random tv spots here and there.  :-)

found 2 clutches to die for (i've been watching too much rachel zoe project lately and have unfortunately been adopting her habit of saying the word 'die' anytime she encounters a piece of fashion heaven. but really sometimes there's just no other way to describe that feeling when you first see an amazingly crafted article of clothing, or in my case, a purse or clutch. you gasp and then just die a little (in a good way) inside). 

Renedezvous Clutch in Purple Patent

Red Mandy Clutch

must must must get my hands on that red kooba somehow. notice how i conveniently left the prices off these babies. mainly because i know you'd think i was crazy to spend that much on a clutch. which i totally agree with. but they're just so beautiful!!!!

chick carries a very impressive list of designer labels, ranging from my ever favorite marc by marc jacobs, then there's alice+olivia, charlotte ronson, elizabeth and james, (mary kate and ashley's high end line which is doing very well), see by chloe, m missoni and so on and so on. price range is nowhere near my budget at the moment, but it's still nice to look at all the pretty clothes without an annoying sales lady hovering over your shoulder to see if you're either shoplifting or actually going to buy something. 

the site also features a lookbook, which nowadays is crucial for online retailers. since we can't physically walk into your store and see the product merchandised on fixtures, tables, mannequins, etc. the lookbook serves as a great tool to show how to put the pieces together. which i love. because sometimes i really can't (or am too lazy to) think for myself when it comes to putting outfits together so lookbooks make it easy to adopt and adapt to your own personal style.  my only gripe about chick's lookbook is that it takes a while to go page by page. it's not made on a flash-type of format where you click an arrow and it's like a 3-d page is flipped in front of you. instead if you hit the next button, a new webpage has to be opened and then reloads all the other elements of the site plus your new lookbook page. not sure if i explained that clearly. you'll just have to see it for yourself.

chances of me returning to the site? likely, but not regularly. bluefly still reigns supreme among the mid-high tier online retailers. oh by the way, for the fellas, i think i posted this before on xanga, but definitely check out bluefly's tailored shop (click me!) if you're ever looking into suits and looking for great color/fabric combinations. amazing selection. 

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