October 15, 2008

justin nozuka

this is in response to le reegsta's questionable post (haha) today.
question 9: how come i didn’t know keane released a new album?
my answer:  don't listen to keane, listen to justin nozuka
follow up question: who is justin nozuka?

he's the new jason mraz. and he's amazing. and i hope this kid goes far. love his single "after tonight" which plays pretty much every morning on vh1 as i get ready for work. :-) 

check it - 

now take a listen to more tracks off his album.........

Justin Nozuka (Holly)


Mos Jef said...

damn vh1 has been hyping him for months now on artists you oughta know. When they first featured him, Jason Mraz totally came to my mind. You're dead on!

reegsta said...

haha good looks on him...he cool