October 7, 2008

ain't done yet

damn! i step away from the blogging world for a quick sec and i come back and find out hella people joined the party!  Peep the cool kids honor roll off on the right.

MUST give a special shout out to Like...Mos Jef-inately! so excited that you've finally got your own (blog)spot set up.  keep the posts coming!

so why i been so MIA these days? blame work. and my general fatigued lazy ass. i got hella posts in draft form that i just haven't finished!  not a good sign. but i shall try. these new kids on the block have breathed a little bit more life into this blogaholic soul.

be back soon.



rolsuno said...

forreal!! welcome back!!! you do want to make my top 5 blogs to read list...don't you? ahhaha

tiffanyblue said...

LOL!! i ain't even gonna front.....that thought did cross my mind! hahaha!

hmmm, now who am i gonna knock out first......