October 7, 2008

babies (and vh1) love hip hop

i think my 11-month old nephew is a fan of de la soul and q-tip. i was watching the hip hop honors show last night with him in his playroom. he'd be playing on his mat on the floor, totally in his own world, but then he'd stop what he was doing and look up at the tv every time he heard q-tip. then de la soul came out and he was straight watching the whole performance! i kid you not. i wish i had a camera because little man started clapping when the song was done!

every little thing he does is magic. seriously. blows me away.

you know what else blows me away, and i say this every single year but still.....that vh1, a station that plays like 1 current hip hop song a month maybe, can put together such a spot on hip hop show every year. this is the 5th (?) show now and they've yet to disappoint. 


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