October 3, 2008


times are tough these days. especially for a gal obsessed with buying music. gotta find new means to make my cd purchases without breaking the bank and i just found one! good ol' bmg! haha! i know, you're probably like, damn that thing's still around? and she's still a member? yes i am! since november of '02 (had to peep my account history to find that one out. haha!). anyway, bmg had a fat sale on their site today - 80% off their stock. plus i had 4 free cd's in my back pocket from either a past purchase or just by accumulating points by default of being a member (it pays to have some loyalty, people!).

anyway here's what i picked up, in no particular order. 7 cd's for a whoppin $43! and that included tax and their ridiculous shipping charges! score!

katy perry - one of the boys (didn't like her at first, but was impressed by her vma performance and i think her video blogs are hysterical. so i created a katy perry station on pandora and actually like a bunch of her songs! fun pop music. doesn't sound like anyone else out right now. and i LOVE the title track, one of the boys. LOVE.)

britney spears - blackout (i have all of brit's albums except for this one. can't believe i'm admitting that but i am. she just makes good pop music people! don't hate!)
janet jackson - discipline (a late add to my cart. heard some decent tracks and decided, hey why not)

blackstar - blackstar (bro stole this from me and lost it - just buying a replacement. thanks to vh1's 100 greatest hip hop songs for reminding me about this album)

nerd - in search of (inspired by pandora - been listening to a lot of their non-radio tracks. can't hate on these guys - they come up with some dope beats)

nerd - fly or die (same as above)

bob marley - legend (bro stole this one too but he didn't lose it, he just refuses to give it back! beyotch. i really should play the nkotb card here to get it back, but i'm thinking of keeping that in my back pocket a little longer and save for another day - ie the holidays. haha! totally kidding. sorta)

unfortunately bmg isn't hip on the most recent releases - takes a while to filter down to them. so no ne-yo or robin thicke purchases just yet. haven't been going to target so i keep missing the sales. now i don't want to pay 15 bucks a pop for these discs so i'll need to figure out a way to get these cheaper! help!


reegsta said...

lol dude i quit and joined BMG and Columbia House like 30 times before the digital music explosion.

and ALWAYS get the CD the week of release since its generally 9.99.

Or we could have more frequent iPoddys =)

tiffanyblue said...

yes to more ipoddys! especially since i totally missed the last!