September 16, 2008

video of the day

"Give it to Me" - Madonna feat. Pharrell

LOVE THIS SONG. nothing new, just kept forgetting to post this. 

isn't it ridiculous how madonna still looks so great and on top of the game after all these years. and collaborating with great producers. love the beats and production behind this song. gotta love that pharrell. 

p.s. i need a guy who's as smooth and fashion savvy as pharrell. oh and don't forget to add a dash of that t.i. dirty south swagger.  :-) but seriously, all pharrell's rockin are a pair of jeans, a bbc tee and some wayfarers but he still manages to look hot as hell. it's all about the way he carries himself in the 'fit that makes all the difference. take note, boys. :-)

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