September 16, 2008

pieces of me

currently watching: 90210
current state: still got my attention, but still waiting for something big to happen. no major drama or plot twists. acting is still kinda bad at times (girl who plays naomi is an overactor). and the only slightly comical character is still the drunken grandmother. chances of me tuning in again next week: right now at 50/50.
10 minutes later: DYLAN!!! DYLAN!! DYLAN!! YES!!! loves it! thank god it wasn't brandon! i've always been on team dylan. chances of me watching next week have just returned back to 100%. hahaha!

so last night was a totally depressing night of television -
- gossip girl - s and lonely boy call it quits for real.  vanessa is forced to break up with nate thanks to nate's black-mailing suga mama (how very soap opera that was!). and chuck loses blair....again....but probably for good this time. break up city!
- one tree hill - was full on balling last night!  one of the kids from the tree hill basketball team was shot and killed during a gas station robbery. he was one of those bad jocks turned good (much like nathan) and ended up being all bff's with the coach's 4-year old son. seriously, tears were streaming down my face during the entire episode. woke up the next morning and my eyes were all puffy!
- the hills - the fact that i still watch this show should be a depressing enough thought!! haha!

currently reading:
- the non-runner's marathon guide for women
- shape magazine's shape your life
- runner's world's complete book of running
i told you a few posts back, i'm on a mission. trying to get back into the running game, but boy has it been a severely steep uphill battle. i question though if i was ever in the running game to begin with. back in the day when playing lacrosse, i dreaded our running sessions. 3x/week doing distance runs, twice a week sprinting up and down the field. some days it was reversed and we had more sprinting days. and some days we did a combo of both and didn't even get to touch our sticks all practice long. oh those were the days. flash forward 6 years later and i just never got back into a regular exercise routine in quite the same way. damn, i just realized that 2002 was my last full lacrosse season. time fuckin flies! anyway, the struggle continues but i'm praying that one of these days it'll just get a little easier.
teacake bakery in emeryville is the shit! three words. chocolate banana cupcakes. trust me, they are delish! i've gone back with my family twice already since we discovered this little gem. happy days with happy little cupcakes. it's amazing how these little guys can just put a smile on your face.

staying on the topic of food, i finally ate at ozumo last week. dropped some mad cash that night but damn was the food good! my stomach was like a bottomless pit that night. just kept eating and eating and eating! finished the meal off with a dessert fondue. heaven.

this weekend i went with my bro and his fam to check out the condo's that were just built next door to his place. literally just steps away from his place. 1 bedroom 1 bath for $400k. the housing market just boggles my mind. i LOVE going to an open house. just love walking through a new place where every single room is perfectly decorated and i picture myself living there. :-) the 1 bed 1 bath unit was surprisingly very cozy. was super impressed with how these condos turned out. none of them felt cramped at all. they did a great job maximizing the space they had. it's called park station and it's on el camino right next to the bart station. my bro doesn't like how it's one big apartment building with shared, enclosed hallways, but i didn't really mind it. reminds me of a hotel. and i LOVE hotels. if i were ridiculously rich, i'd probably live out of a hotel and just own vacation homes here and there. oh and i'd have a driver. because one, i'm admittedly not the greatest driver (who wants to teach me how to parallel park!) and two, i just like being driven around. :-) in a past life i think i was one of those super sweet 16 rich kids. living on the upper east side. maybe that's why i love watching gossip girl so much. a glimpse into my former life.

what the hell am i talking about? ok time for bed. so tired today. barely made it through my run today. fell asleep for a quick second at my desk today. tomorrow's another day.

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reegsta said...

dammit i wanted it to be steve sanders. and tea cake is the ish for real!