September 10, 2008


yes i've watched the premiere and last night's ep #2 and i've still got mixed feelings about the show. it's hard to compare version 2.0 to the original with the high hopes and expectations that it will be as impactful as the original. the core storyline is the same (small town family moves to the crazy world of beverly hills, teenage bro/sis combo deal with teenage drama). but the times and the setting in which this take place are much different. plus the core audience of the original is now in their late 20's and a lot more disconnected from the current teenage target demographic.

back then, 90210 was the only show of its kind out there. but today it's competing against gossip girl, the hills, and countless other teen-focused dramas/reality shows. from what i've see so far, the show has potential, but the writing needs to be stepped up dramatically. not only in terms of storyline (last night's episode was WAY too predictable and unexciting) but also in terms of its scripted conversations. there's no witty, creative writing or scenarios here. there isn't a standout character. watch an episode of gossip girl and listen to their exchange. it's witty and sometimes ridiculous, but in the end it's all very entertaining. even go back to the OC - seth cohen is a perfect example of a memorable character because he was always making pop culture references or funny sarcastic remarks about the absurdly wealthy world he lived in. or how about one more example - dawson's creek. despite the fact that it was a teen drama, what set it apart was the dialogue and the fact that they talked like adults (plus it was very dramatic for a teen show).

i'd actually like to see this show do well, but it's got a lot of catching up to do. i think the only reason i'll continue to tune in every week is for the slight little nods to the original. who's kelly's baby daddy? what's brenda's role going to be? the cameo last night by kelly's alcoholic mom was the highlight for me, only because it's the exact same actress and she picked up right where she left off in the original, as the crazy ass drunken mother.

other notes and random observations -
- silver is my fave female character so far, but mostly because she's a direct descendant of the original cast (kelly's mom + david silver's dad), which i thought was just brilliant
- fave male character is ethan, the likeable popular jock
- loved the wbhs lax action in the premiere episode!
- annie constantly reminds me of ali lohan, which makes me not want to like her
- naomi's my least fave character so far, but mostly because that curly coif of hers is ridiculously out of control
- other least fave is the druggie actress chick
- there needs to be a steve sanders on this show. someone who's just crazy cocky, gets into trouble left and right, takes full advantage of his wealth, comes to school drunk, etc. think chuck bass, the west coast version. or brandon davis, the firecrotch edition. just someone you love to hate to love. someone to stir the pot a little.
- lori laughlin, no matter what role she takes on, will always be aunt becky to me.
- in the 1st episode when the adopted kid (i forget his name) gets in a fight with that other lax player, i really wanted the other guy to get up and say, welcome to beverly hills, bitch.

ok, i've gone on WAY too long about this show. i can't believe i even analyzed it to this depth! deep down, i know i'll always be a teeny bopper at heart. i listen to cheesy pop music (go jonas brothers! haha!), i still text OMG and say shit like, that's so dunzo, and i watch shows like 90210. but take a hint from mary j and take me as i am, or have nothing (to read) at all. :-P


reegsta said...

the steve sanders dude is that cat who naomi was making out with after ethan "broke up with us" lol. and kelly's baby daddy is obviously brandon!

tiffanyblue said...

that guy doesn't count since he's been in like 3 scenes total. don't see much character development going on with him.

wait, did i miss something? did they say it's brandon and i just totally missed that part!

Anonymous said...

I love kelly taylor! She goes down as one of my all time fave MILFs! Can't believe she's a milf now!

I loved the tie in during the first minutes of the premeire with Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez. I was like...that's Andrea's daughter!

I love the main girl (annie) too! She's so cute-sy to me! Thta whole being innocent vibe. And she is far from being like ali lohan. I can't believe how dead on they are with annie...if lori laughlin and rob estes really did have a kid...she would look like annie!

BTW, lori laughlin is a milf too!

Mos Jef

reegsta said...

naw they never said that...but isn't the dialogue between brenda and kelly obvious??