September 19, 2008

rachel bilson x dkny jeans

celeb designer: rachel bilson
line: edie rose for dkny jeans

* pic courtesy of whowhatweardaily

now this is a celeb fashion line done right

it was announced a few months ago that she'd be teaming up with dkny and the line has just been released this week. super cute, easy pieces. LOVE rachel bilson's style in general and if there's anyone out there fit to make the appropriate jump into fashion it's her. she's very easy breezy chic, like you can tell fashion just comes naturally to her. she plays around with lots of different styles and manages to pull them all off - from glam girl to girl next door to hipster chic. as for the line, it's a very small collection. 4 jackets, a few tops, and a dress. the dress is definitely the highlight of the collection (it's already sold out online!). items are reasonably priced, with the most expensive piece at $98 (leather biker jacket).

also gotta give props to the dkny jeans site for making this line super easy to shop. you go to the homepage, the outfits are laid out in front of you, click on the outfit you like, and on the next page is each item in the outfit, listed individually and easy to add to your cart. not brain surgery at all, but sometimes online retailers just make it so damn difficult to find what you're looking for.

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