September 18, 2008

LOL of the Day!

so my brother calls me at work today. he's calling from his car and on his way to my place to pick up my laptop to install my new hard drive. so he's talking and i can hear a familiar song blasting in the background. now i'm half listening to him and half listening to the song trying to figure out who/what it is. (side note: yes, i get easily distracted by music like a little kid distracted by a shiny new toy. so if i'm ever in the middle of a conversation with you and there's music playing in the background somewhere and i'm suddenly silent and not at full attention, it's because i'm trying to figure out what the song is and apologies in advance for my musical ADD).

oh, so before i continue on, i do have to note that if i can hear a song playing in the background during a cell phone conversation, it must be playing pretty loud in the car. just have to state that real fast. so anyway, my brother's going on and on about some computer jargon, and then the key lyric comes on, lightbulb goes off in my head and i realize what it is. this is what i hear in the background .......

"i'll be your boyfriend...."

L-O-freakin L!!! it's that new kids song "single" with ne-yo! so now i'm cracking up over the phone and our conversation continues like this -

*me laughing*
bro: what are you laughing at?
me: you! you're fuckin jammin to nkotb in your car!
bro: no i'm not
me: yes you are i can hear the song
bro: no it's ne-yo
me: yeah, it's ne-yo........featuring nkotb!
bro: no it's not
me: yes it is! can you hear the other guys in the background?
bro: yeah
me: that's fuckin jordan knight and joey mac! hahaha!
bro: oh
bro: shit! i didn't know. damn, i hate this song now

so then he skips to the next track and tries to play it off and changes the subject back to my laptop 'cause he's all hella embarassed. that's what happens when you have a little sis that's music savvy like that. i will call you out on shit like this! i just fully caught my older brother jammin to new kids on the fuckin block in his car. this is what little sisters dream of.

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rolsuno said...

hahahaha...dam..i wont be caught ever listening to NKOTB.. hahaha.. but that song is on the neyo album too..