September 19, 2008


since the tue reveal that dylan is kelly's baby daddy, he's been hounded by everyone about the possibility of guest starring on the show. well don't go busting out your i heart dylan mckay shirts just yet. luke perry ain't interested in reprising his role and coming back to the bh. i don't know about you, but at the end of the series, i always imagined dylan going back to mexico, in that damn poncho he used to wear all the time that sparked a fashion craze for a quick second, and being a beach bum, perhaps even owning some rinky dink surf shack. definitely didn't take him to be the world traveller out to save the planet, like kelly's making him out to be. total bummer that he doesn't want to make an appearance. my only joy in watching this show are the cameos and references to the original cast/storylines. and apparently this is true for the rest of the viewing world too because ratings dropped severely from the pilot to the 2nd episode (no brenda appearance in 2nd ep), but jumped right back up for the 3rd ep (with brenda back in). america just loves her (and the potential for her to reprise her bad gal ways, on and off the show).

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