September 17, 2008

pieces of me, part 2

more thoughts, all over the place, in no particular order............

cd's to buy: leona lewis, ne-yo, robin thicke (out 9/30), john legend (out tbd)
dvd's to buy: sex and the city (out 9/23), iron man (out 9/30)
thx to rolsuno for the heads up on q-tip's latest drop, "gettin up". downloaded that today.
pop song that i'm just now finally getting into: rihanna's "disturbia" off her good girl gone bad deluxe re-release. wasn't feeling this track at first, but now can't get enough of it.
on another note - don't you hate when artists re-release their albums with new tracks? i've probably mentioned this gripe at some point in the past. thank god for itunes. well, at least for us legal mp3 purchasers that is. :-)
and another note - no, i did not like rihanna's performance of disturbia on the vma's. she just doesn't do it for me as a performer. lacks a certain energy on stage. 

did i mention how i bought a nano and that nike+ system through work last month? haven't fully tested it out yet. but how bitter was i last week when apple released their NEW goddamn nano and touch models! so bitter!  especially about the ipod touch because they made some nice little improvements to it.

to date i have 3 ipods. isn't that ridiculous! my oldest model, the ipod photo (pre-cursor to the ipod video (now called the ipod classic - ya follow?), which came out just one month after i bought the photo model! damn!), i gave to my mom. but now she's complaining that it's so bulky compared to my other ipods and even to the iphone (when did my mom get all tech savvy). so she wants either a shuffle or nano. maybe i should get the shuffle and complete my little ipod family. :-)

i seriously need to stop smoking now that i'm working out a little more consistently. my rule of thumb right now is that i'm not allowed to smoke on running days. off days only when stressed from work. and okay when out drinking. :-) god, who would've thought i'd ever get to this point where i'm rationalizing it out like this. damn you nicotine!

random!  fergie topped people mag's best dressed list today. wtf? then there's US magazine's 25 most stylish new yorkers list that went out last week which is the most randomly compiled group of people i've ever seen. cassie, aubrey o'day and gayle king? seriously?

watch out vegas, i may be coming back in october!  more of a family oriented trip this time around though. my sis-in-law's sister's daughter (ya follow?) is turning 3 and having a big bash at a kids museum. so not gonna be partying like a rockstar like my belated birthday bash back in july (go lax! love those luxor bathrooms!).

another trip on the horizon/in the works - toronto in the springtime. my cousin's having her 2nd kid next month and i wanna try to visit both the new baby and her 3-year old while she's out on maternity over the next year. did you know canadians get a whole year off for maternity leave? plus my other cousins there have been giving me crap about going to new york the last couple years but not passing through canada. not that that's geographically convenient or anything, but i guess to them anytime i'm on the east coast, it warrants a trip further up north and across the border for a visit. don't ask. i'm already perfectly aware that my family is just crazy.

oh and did i mention how i'm missing out on a family ny trip at the end of the month! stupid work, i can't take any time off. arrggghhh! my mom's currently in jersey for work for two and a half weeks. then she's gonna stay in new york for the last few days of her trip and meet up with my bro, his wife, and baby j for four days in the big apple. i feel so left out!  :-(

by the way, baby j's turning 1 in just a month and a half!  my how time flies. seems like yesterday when i got the call from my bro telling me he was at the hospital and the baby was about to be born. i totally thought he was lying when he first called because he does stupid shit like that all the time and also because it was only the first week of november and baby j was due in late nov/early dec. he was so tiny back then! now he's practically walking!

i'm no longer gonna write about the hills and just leave it up to the ladies behind new york magazine's fashion blog, the cut, to provide all your hills recaps. they're hysterical and dead on with their observations on the show. 

speaking of fashion, there's still lots to talk about with ny fashion week wrapping up in new york last week. but just wanted to post this hot little piece real quick on the continuing trend of headwear, wraps, bands, etc on the runways. loves it! thank you blair waldorf for setting the trend!

i think my brain's been adequately emptied for the night. time for zzzz's.


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