August 28, 2008

touch the sky

I am on a mission, people. I'm determined to get my act together and do all the things I keep saying I want to do but never actually get around to doing. "Think it, say it, do it." "E 'ao lu'au a kualima." (see past entry to see what that Hawaiian saying means). Thanks for the little boost Kanye and Little Book of Aloha. :-)

Here's what I got rolling so far.....

1) Running/working out on a regular basis. Check.
I'm on week 2. Thank god for my friend at work - she's been my #1 motivator and supporter. I'm building my way up to running a half marathon as my end goal for now, then longer term goal of a full marathon. But baby steps first. Let's work on establishing a solid workout routine first and sticking with it (and also running for a long period of time without heaving! haha). The sticking with it part is always the more difficult. In addition to the marathon goal, I'm also tacking on the return to club lacrosse as a goal. I need to get back in the game!

2) South Beach Diet. Check.
Actually make that a half check. I've been shaky the last couple of days, but mostly because I've been too lazy to buy groceries. But I've got my diet plan laid out for the next couple of weeks. The last time I did this I lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks. I know, kinda crazy huh. I was on a mission back then too because I was getting ready for my bro's wedding and I wasn't about to have my bridesmaid dress all tight and snug while standing at the front of the church before my whole family! I didn't exercise while on the diet last time, so I'm interested to see if I can keep my energy level up during my workouts. I've heard that this diet can make it diffcult to maintain your stamina while exercising. I'll let you know how it turns out.

3) Taking classes. Check.
First on my list - sewing. It's not as "glamorous" as the other hobbies on my list, but I've wanted to learn how to sew for a really long time. So I finally signed up through my local park & rec department and will soon be spending my Saturday mornings behind a sewing machine. Short term goal here - learning the basics - buttons, hems, stitching, etc. Beyond that I wanna try to do some patternmaking. I've been super inspired by the designers here at my work. Plus I've always liked modifying clothes so that they fit my particular body or to achieve the same look as a runway shot or celeb outfit that I'm inspired by. But one can only do so much with double stick tape and some safety pins. :-)

Remember that episode of the Hills when LC was in Paris and she shortened her ball gown so it looked like a party dress? You know, the same one she burned with her curling iron?! Classic Hills moment. Anyway, it's the same kinda concept. She did that fake stitch thing on it so it wouldn't ruin the dress, which I thought was brilliant, and was able to achieve two very different looks with one dress (although she never wore the actual gown the way it should have been worn because she ended up ruining it after all). It's all about maximizing the clothes you have and making slight alterations to achieve different looks. End goal stated.

Some other classes that I've got on my radar: photography, dj lessons, guitar, piano, swimming, tennis, tagalog, japanese, spanish, french. I wanna do it all!! :-) I think I'd be happy if I could add one more class to my current schedule since sewing only takes up one day out of the week. I'll keep yall posted and let you know what my #4 is!

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