August 26, 2008

Sublimely Happy with Pandora

Wow, I totally heart Pandora today!

Tuned into my Maroon 5 station for some mellow tracks while I work (nothing like a cup of Starbucks, a bunch of contracts on my desk, and some Adam Levine blaring in my ear to start the day). Then all of a sudden Jack Johnson comes on. At first I'm like, yeah, Jack Johnson! Then I'm singing the words and I'm like, wait, I'm singing a Sublime song! So I click on the song because now I just have to know what album this is from because it's definitely not on any Jack Johnson disc that I have. And good ol' Pandora comes through........

Look At All the Love We Found: A Tribute to Sublime

* insert excitement here *

Unfortunately on compilation discs like this, Pandora doesn't tell you the other artists on the album. But you CAN sample the tracks. So I open up a new browser window (I swear, I'm working simultaneously while all this is going on by the way), get onto Amazon to look for the artists on the album and bam, an all-star listing of the best possible bands that could cover a Sublime tune! Here's the full track/artist list -

1. Jack Johnson "Badfish/Boss DJ"
2. Michael Franti & Spearhead w/Gift of Gab "What I Got"
3. Fishbone "Date Rape"
4. Bargain Music "Get Out"
5. AVAIL "Santeria"
6. No Doubt "DJ'S"
7. The Ziggens "Paddle Out"
8. Mike Watt & Petra Haden w/Stephen Perkins "Work That We Do"
9. Filibuster w/Half Pint "Get Ready"
10. G. Love "Greatest Hits"
11. Greyboy Allstars "Doin Time"
12. Camper Van Beethoven "Garden Grove"
13. Ozomatli "April 29th, 1992"
14. AWOL One/Abstract Rude/Josh Fischel/Transducer "Waiting For My Ruca"
15. Pennywise "Same In the End"
16. Pawn Shop - Los Lobos

I am so buying this album! Pennywise covering "Same in the End"!! Ozomatli doing "April 29th"!!!! Insane. Now the question is, do I buy the hard disc or buy off iTunes? I was recently made fun of for being like the last person on earth still buying actual cd's (you know who you are! haha!), so I'm a little self conscious about my purchase habits (although I'm sure it's only a temporary state and I'll be walking through the doors of Amoeba soon enough). Either way, this album is a must for my collection and I'm super amped about it!!! Thank you Pandora!

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