August 24, 2008

A Little Book of Aloha

I bought this little book of Hawaiian proverbs while I was in Oahu a couple of months ago. When I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by life, I like to flip through the book, which includes beautiful pics alongside the quotes, and it helps me calm down a little. I try to remember those brief moments of peace I had while on the island. The drive along the oceanside with my windows rolled down and Jason Mraz/Jack Johnson/Sublime playing on the radio. Floating in the calm waters of Kuhio Beach. Relaxing on the patio outside my hotel room.
And then I feel a little better. 

So here are some quotes from the book that I thought I'd share.

"Wae aku i ka lani." = Let the selecting be done in heaven.  
Be confident, there is nothing to fear. Take life as it comes. At some point, you have to trust the universe.

"Wela ka hao." = Strike while the iron is hot!
Don't hesitate. DO IT NOW. Don't leave until tomorrow what you can do today. When opportunity knocks, answer the door!

"Le'a kulou a ka lawai'a, ua malie." = The fisherman enjoys bending over his work when all is calm.
Make peace with your surroundings to have peace within. Appreciate the quiet times in life when all is good. Live in the moment. Enjoy the present.

"Nau ke ku'i, lohi ka lima." = When one grinds the teeth, the hand slows.
Forgive and get on with life. Forgiveness is a great power that brings freedom to all sides. Anger is fear of letting go. Let go of the past.

"He poho na ka poho, o ke akamai no ke hana a nui." = Problems happen. Use wisdom and skill to deal with them.
You cannot control events but you can choose your responses. Do the best you can at the time with the knowledge you have at the time. Tomorrow is another day to travel, learn and grow.

"Mai 'ena i ke kanaka i laka aku." = Do not shy away from a person who is attracted to you.
Treat a person who comes in kindness with kindness. Be fragile with matters of the heart for we are all fragile hearts. Be gracious to all you meet.

"E 'ao lu'au a kualima." = Offer young taro leaves five times.
Look to nature for solace and healing. Don't give up, keep trying. Your focus becomes your reality. Change your focus and you change your reality.

"I ka moana no ka i'a, liuliu 'ia na pono lawai'a." = While the fish are still in the sea, get your gear ready.
Focus on what you want to achieve, then do everything possible to help achieve it. Good luck happens to those who are ready for it.

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