July 26, 2008

Track of the Moment

"Need You Bad" by Jazmine Sullivan

This is my song right now!!!!!!! Damn!  Everything about this song is right. Great hook, great melody, great lyrics. It's got this island/reggae feel to it, especially in the beginning, but then going into the chorus it just switches gears and goes into this soulful, yearning emotion as she sings "baby i need you bad, what i gotta do, i need you, do it all for you."

Another separate note: I really hate that I'm kinda liking some of these Shwayze songs coming through. I mean I was okay with liking "Buzzin" when it came out earlier this year, but I'm just so anti-Cisco Adler because he's just too skeezy.  But then I hear a catchy track like "Don't be Shy" and I just can't help but like the damn tune! I know, don't hate me for my sometimes questionable music choices!  haha! :-)

Dont Be Shy - Shwayze

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