July 26, 2008


(*pic courtesy of mtv abdc blog)

Where do I even start with the ABDC post? 

First things first. Supreme Soul vs. Super Cr3w in the bottom 2? And they both killed it, by far the best two routines of the show, yet they're in the bottom 2? That's just wrong! I can understand if maybe one of them just didn't perform up to par, but when both crews give a great performance like that, it really sucks to see one go home. The Bay gets no love.  I would've hated to be in the judges' position for that decision. But what's done is done.

Oh and by the way, I was stupid enough to log onto mtv's abdc blog a few hours before the show and their stupid bloggers totally spoiled the elimination for me!  I get onto the page and the first line I read is "Think you were pissy that Supreme Soul got booted off ABDC tonight?" Say what! Stupid east coast bloggers jumpin the gun on the news! Don't you realize the west coast hasn't seen the show at 8PM PST, 11PM EST? Damn!!

Onto the good news!  ABDC is hittin the road and going on tour! Yeah! So far the only two crews announced are Jabbawockeez and BreakSk8 (breaksk8 sucks!). Keep your fingers crossed that SS will be included on the bill. 

OCTOBER 11 - Oakland, CA - LET'S GO!!

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