July 26, 2008

Commercial of the Day

Converse's marketing team has been doing a great job of putting the brand out there in the public lately. Paired up with Target to widen the distro of their kicks to the masses nationwide. And now they've paired up with some of the music scene's most buzzworthy artists for their new tv spot.  That's Pharrell, Julian Casablancas (of the Strokes), and Santogold. Go to converse.com to peep the whole music video.  Other artists they're featuring on their site: MGMT, Does it Offend You Yeah?, and KidSister (yeah! that's my girl!).

The song itself caught my attention in an instant.  Very catchy, very much what you'd expect to hear from an avid converse wearer. Very much on my ipod playlist.  :-) And you just gotta love a creative video like that. Go Converse!

On a separate, semi-related note, props to Target's retail and marketing teams for partnering with some great brands and designers over the last few years.  There was Rogan just recently, and Jovovich-Hawk a few months back. But the most exciting (for me, at least) has definitely been Botkier's newly released line (in stores now!). And this happens just after the Gryson for Target line just wrapped up last month!  Back to back quality handbag designers for the bullseye?  A budget bagaholic shopper's dream come true!

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