July 5, 2008

touring my new (internet) home

seeing as how this is my new home on the 3w, i should probably give you a little tour of the joint.

to the right. little bit of info on yours truly.

underneath that, a whole mess of links, starting w/ the sites of some homies. then followed by just about every site i visit on a frequent, sporadic, or obsessive basis.  mostly covers music, fashion, travel, the goss & gloss of hollywood, some of my fave mags, etc.

next in line are the tags for my posts.  for your quick reference, a guide to some of the tags to come - 

yours truly - any of my personal stories, rants, and raves
goss & gloss - anything gossip/hollywood related
jetset - stories from the road
hot tracks - songs or music that i'm particularly obsessed with at that very moment.
botd - boyfriend of the day. something i started on my old xanga blog. every once in a while there comes an actor, musician, athlete, or other various male that i become quite obsessive about. past botd's include: wentworth miller, milo ventimiglia, paul walker :-)
votd - video of the day - self explanatory. i really don't have some witty label for this one.
potd - pic of the day

and finally below the tags are the archives.  i'm trying to figure out how i can backlog some entries from my old site to here, but keeping the dates in tact. any insight to this would be much appreciated.

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