July 5, 2008

hello world! (again)

aloha!!  and welcome to my newly re-vamped blog. version 3.0. be sure to take note of the new address, bookmark it, tattoo it to yo fo'head, whatever you like. but do check back often and show a girl some love (via comments, which are always welcome!)!

in case you're wondering about the previous versions of this blog, allow me to provide you with a (very) brief history..................

v.1 - the thirdfloor blog. started by my friends during college as a way for us all to stay in contact, share stories, make fun of each other, etc. technically this wasn't my blog, but i'd like to think i was a strong contributor to the little site, which miraculously has not been taken down after all these years!

v.2 - i branched out on my own and moved over to xanga and camped there for several years. but as with all things in life, it was just about time for change. (NOTE:  i'll post the link to my old xanga site......eventually. just need to tweak it a little and make it more, ummm.........family friendly, if you will.  :-)  i can't be having my whole life on blast for the world to see, now can i? so stay tuned friends)

v.3 - the present. to keep consistent with my display name for my other "public" sites (ie myspace, flickr, etc), and because i couldn't change my display name/url on xanga, i decided to jump ship and head over to blogger.  plus this was the original birthplace of my bloglife, so i guess i've come full circle. insert "homecoming" track by kanye/chris martin here.

got lots planned for this little spot of mine, so check back often. this look right here is super basic, but i'll jazz it up in the next few weeks (if i can figure out how).


(yes, blame gossip girl for that sign-off right there. but don't be hatin, it's a good show!)

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