July 7, 2008

hawaii recap

(note: this post carried over from my old site)


i bet you thought i ended up staying on the island of oahu since i've been M.I.A. for so long. apologies! just got caught up in lots of different things since my trip, which now feels like it was AGES ago!

just so i have some closure about the trip on this here blog, here are a few highlights -

- snorkeling in hanauma = awesome.
- almost hitting a couple of pedestrians in the middle of the night while searching for an ice cream shop = not so awesome.

- banana pancakes w/ macadamia nut sauce from boots & kimo - hands down my favorite meal of the trip.

- had THE best mini road trip through the island, on my way up to the polynesian cultural center. the drive was like an hour and a half, barely a road trip, but just the whole experience, as simple and short as it was, was still amazing. windows down, sun shining, blue water to the right, luscious green hills and valleys to the left, great tunes on the radio (crater 96 is the bomb! think koit x hawaiian music!), and just me alone with my thoughts.

- trolley rides around the island with my fellow japanese tourists (# of times i was mistaken as a japanese tourist translator: 3. # of times i was mistaken for a local: 3)
- getting lost around the ala moana mall

- taking in some culture at the bishop museum.

- cocktails by the beach to wind down the evenings
- morning swims in the ocean
- floating for what seemed like forever in the still lagoon at kuhio beach

to my blue hawaii, you will always be in my heart! until we meet again, hopefully sooner than later! love, kipani

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