July 9, 2008

ailment of the day: the super cough

i'm sick. again. i've been sick for the last few days. actually i've had this uber terrible cough since sunday, thanks to my precious little nephew. he was sick last week, but of course i couldn't stay away from the little guy, so i went over to my bro's place and little j sneezed, coughed, and wiped his snotty snot all over me. i should have known better, considering kiddie germs are the most lethal germs for me to come in contact with. seriously. without fail, if i'm around a kid with the slightest cold, i get their cold. my bro's friends were in town w/ their kids the other weekend and one of the girls had a cough. after they left, i got her cough.

but this cough i have right now is majorly worse than any i've ever had. it's that really deep from within cough. i've been coughing so much that my chest is sore, my throat feels raw, and my head hurts. damn! some of my coughing fits get so bad that i actually throw up from them. sorry, i know that was kinda an overshare, but just want you to understand the severity here! it's torture!

i've tried everything. cough medicine. cough drops. tylenol. emergen-c. that kombucha tea drink. more cough medicine. nothing is working! i feel just as bad today than the last few days. there has been no sign of improvement! wtf!

so i'm gonna try (again) to see my doctor. i hate that they're anal about not seeing drop in's. if i can't get to my doc, then i guess i have to go to the emergency room, which is gonna suck ass. but i need to do something here!  this cough needs to die!

i just hope i can get rid of this thing before my bday!  don't wanna be coughing all over my cake!  :-)

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