July 11, 2008

Super Bummer of the Day

So as we all know it's my birthday tomorrow (yay!!). And if you know me, then who of all people would I love to have DJ at my birthday bash? That's right, DJ frikkin AM. So check out this bullsh*t........

These last couple of years, I have been wishing and hoping that he'd be in SF around the time of my birthday so I could just hit up that spot with my friends and celebrate le birth de moi over there. Easy enough right? A guaranteed good time to be had by all because AM would be behind the one's and two's. Right? So I checked up on the myspace notices, the blogs, etc etc to see where he'd be spinning next. Seriously, if it was any date in the month of July, then that'd be close enough for me.

Yeah, am I crazy much? Ok I know the red stalker flags are waving all over the place right now, but seriously, the root of the obsessive behavior comes from the need to have the best music possible playing on my birthday and I know he'd bring it. So there. :-)

Anyway, so these last few years, no luck. But.......

The ONE year I decide not to go out drinking and dancing on my birthday (primarily due to physical, mostly bronchial, limitations), what happens? You guessed it. The man is in mothereffin SF.  Peep the flyer - 

So not fair! Just got this notice today in my email and checked his myspace shortly after and there it is.....July 11, San Francisco. Just one day shy of my birthday. Sadness.

It just wasn't meant to be, my friends.

Damn you, cough!

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