July 8, 2008

pretty picture-that-just-makes-me-smile.....of the day

it's been weeks since i saw the movie (w/ my fabulous gal pals, of course!) and i'm still dreaming of all the amazing fashion in the film. this was by far one of my favorite outfits, head to toe. love the dress, the jacket, the belt, THOSE SHOES!!!!! maybe not as much the bag, but j'adore what it stands for. and carrie is def the only one that can rock an eiffel tower purse without anyone thinking twice. p.s. did you know that bag sells in the 4-digits! serious! :-)

anyway, just wanted to post this, for no other reason than it just makes me smile. especially after having seen the movie and the ending.

p.p.s if you love the fashion, definitely get the sex and the city movie book. details EVERY single outfit that appears in the film! serious!

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