July 8, 2008

music video of the day

(note: this post is carried over from my old site)

"closer" - ne-yo

great song. it's so hard NOT to love the songs ne-yo dishes out. and i think this is my OMG video of the moment just because it was shot so well. i haven't liked the way a music video was put together in a while!

loved the flashes of lyrics in the beginning, loved all the black/white contrast and shadowing, loved how clean it all looked, and especially loved seeing the michael jackson influence of ne-yo's performance. he was lookin pretty damn smooth, boy! who knew he had those kind of moves. there were moments where it did look too similar to justin timberlake's "my love" video (the shots of ne-yo w/ the lead female, shot against the all white background), but other than that the video was just perfect.

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